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CapIMAGE™ SFOV Gamma Camera

Small Field...Big View

CapIMAGE™ SFOV Gamma CameraCapIMAGE™ SFOV Gamma Camera

The CapIMAGE™ is a small field of view gamma camera system designed for imaging small organs and body parts such as the thyroid, parathyroid, planar bone images, and gated cardiac studies. Experience improved staff productivity in your lab by using the CapIMAGE™ for small organ imaging; thereby freeing up large field of view cameras for more complex procedures. The camera is ideal and convenient for pediatric imaging.

The CapIMAGE™ is equipped with intelligent features to make it easy to use. Clear angle markings on the head provide measurements for precise head positioning. Buttons on the front of the head control tilt and rotation of the detector, and quick collimator exchange is possible with its lightweight LEHR and LE Pinhole collimators, both of which come standard with the camera system. A Laptop PC provides an acquisition and processing terminal for instant test results.

The camera’s small footprint and free-rolling wheels make the CapIMAGE™ a breeze to transport. Simply pull up the wheel lock release bar and push the CapIMAGE™ to your desired destination.

The DICOM interface features rapid data communication with HIS/RIS and PACS systems, and test results may be viewed from any workstation which is compatible.

• Hardware: Laptop- Min. 1200 MHz Pentium III Windows Vista

Acquisition functionality:
• General:
• Persistence scope: 256x256 matrix plus energy spectrum
• Pixel size: 4 mm square (64 matrix)
• Zoom factors: 1-5 user slectable in 0.1 increments
• Image orientation: 0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees
• User definable acquisition protocols: Pre-defined acquisitions with all parameters set: Select acquisition, position camera (manually), hit start. Manual definition of acquisition protocols
• Patient data entry and manipulation:
• Manual entry (and editing) of patient information
• Patient database (via Access and Interfile
• Patient dataset export: DICOM 3.0. Manual “push and automatic “push” protocol. Configurable (Password protected)
• Image display for all dataset types:
• Selectable gray and color maps
• Cine display for dynamics and multi-gated
• Static:
• Matrix: 64,128, 256, 512 pixels
• Energy windows: 3 datasets can be acquired simultaneously. Up to 3 windows can be summed within each acquired dataset. Total of 9 individual energy regions can be defined. Energy regions cannot overlap. Each window is definied by a centroid energy and a percent width
• Termination:
• Automatic stop: Time or counts
• Time: 1-10,000 seconds
• Counts: 1-1,000,000 kcounts

Camera QC (user accessible):
• Uniformity correction Isotope and collimator specific, Intrinsic or extrinsic calibration
• Detector peaking: Automated calibration procedure
• Uniformity check: Isotope and collimator specific, Intrinsic or extrinsic flood check. “Low count” for visual checks, “High count” for automatic NEMA analysis and reporting. Reporting comprises measured energy peak, uniformity results and energy resolution
• Resolution check: 4 field bar phantom image visual inspection

Camera QC (password protected - Service use):
• Detector calibrations: Automated procedures for High voltage calibration, PMT tuning, Spatial linearity calibration, Energy linearity calibration, Energy calibration. Geometric calibration

Environmental Specifications
• Temperature/Humidity Requirements: 15-30° C(59-86° F) 20%-80% RH at 25° C(77° F)
• Voltage/Current: 90-264 VAC, 200VA

• System type: Mobile, single detector system dedicated for planar imaging
• Acquisition types: Static, Dynamic, Gated Planar.
• Approx. Dimensions 60 cm (W) x 118/173cm (H) x 13-0 cm (D); 23.6” (W) x 46.5/68.1” (H) x 51.2 (D)
• Weight: <200 kg (440 lbs.)
• Detector Reach; >64 cm/25.2” from edge of gantry to
center of detector UFOV
• Detector Height: Approx. 75-130 cm/29.5”-51.2” (parallel hold collimator surface above floor level)